Batch Truly is My One-Stop Shop for Business Gifts

Batch Truly is My One-Stop Shop for Business Gifts

You may know Batch for our wide array of gifts for all occasions, but custom batch curation for business clients and corporate gifting are two of our  specialties that make up more than half of all gifts we ship. We work with loyal business gifting partners and we asked them why they choose Batch for all their business gifting needs.



Erica Gaudin

Office Manager, 4Patriots & Patriot Health Alliance

Why do you choose to shop with Batch?

Working with Batch now for nearly 4 years has truly been a wonderful experience. They are the first company I think of when I'm needing to send a Batch out for any occasion. Brittany is like my right-hand lady when it comes to curating batches for our employees and vendors. She is communicative, accommodating, and delightful. What more could you ask for? Thank you, Brittany, and the entire staff at Batch!

    For what occasions do you commonly use our concierge services?

    We send hundreds of Batch's out each year for various occasions. From welcoming new hires, congratulating employees on nuptials or newborn babies, to boosting employee morale - Batch truly is my one-stop-shop!

    No one batch is alike - and that's the beauty of working with Brittany! She caters to our budget, specific occasion, and preferences by sending over options AND pictures. She truly makes the entire process seamless and personal. 

    Positive Reviews from Erica's Gift Recipients

    "I love a good surprise! Thank you for being such a great group to work with! I was delighted to receive a wonderful box full of yummy smells and treats from Nashville! It's the little things that make a big difference!" - Amy R.

    "I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the welcome package you sent me! I am truly so grateful. It was a nice surprise to come home to and my dogs are very jealous of the popcorn. " - Camille Z.
    "THANK YOU, 4Patriots for the gift basket and the mask. It really is refreshing knowing that the company you work with really cares about your safety." - Carolyn J. 


    Chandria Harris

    CEO & Chief Consultant, HireCulture

    Why do you choose to shop with Batch?

    I love Batch because of the unique gift selection. The service is exceptionally fast and convenient for busy professionals.

    For what occasions do you commonly buy custom-curated batches?

    I usually shop for gifts at least once per month. Gifting is appreciation in action and there are so many people I am thankful for.

    What do you include in the batches you gift?

    I love all of the Batch gift boxes. They are wonderful to send to new clients, mentors and friends. 

    Thank you Batch for creating a service that allows me to strengthen relationships with my network. - Chandria


    Chris Mainard 

    HCA Tri-Star Physician Services Group, 

    Division Coordinator, Nashville, North Georgia, and Chattanooga


    Why do you choose to shop with Batch

    Great quality and it’s so easy and affordable, very quick response. We always have a positive experience. I really enjoy working with Brittany, she makes my job easier!

      For what occasions do you commonly use our concierge services?

      For site visit welcome/thank you gifts for physicians visiting the Nashville area interviewing for positions with our facilities.

      What items do you usually include in batches you gift?

      Assorted items that reflect Nashville. We like the fact that local businesses are represented to our visiting physicians.

      Positive Reviews from Chris's Gift Recipients

      We always get great responses from our physicians thanking us for the wonderful gift that awaits them and their families as they check-in to their hotel, making them feel at home.

      With more than 7 years of experience of custom corporate gifting, Batch curates gifts they’ll remember made by small businesses all across America. From any city, for any theme, on any budget, our team can put together client, employee, prospect, and celebratory gifts and care packages that will keep you top of mind and on top of your industry.

      To work with our concierge, call (615)913-3912. Services are currently available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.