Free Parking in Nashville

Peak Parking If you have lived in Nashville for more than 10 years, you woulda’ shoulda’ coulda’ bought land or another house in the city—whether for a home flip or an AirBnB. Now that Music City is full and the only place to go is up, the debate over parking has reached a tipping point. It’s nearly impossible to park downtown for free (and even the airport is raising parking prices). The mayor is in talks to privatize its own parking enforcement(George Bluth was right - there’s money in the banana stand - er - parking booth). So what’s a motorist to do?

If you’re not taking a rideshare into downtown, then keep in mind these free parking options close to the core (while supplies last and trust us but verify - we aren't paying for your towing):

  • After 6pm in the capitol parking lots and on Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Blvd. from 4th-7th.
  • After 6pm on Hillsboro Village on 21st
  • 12South (until it's all owned by J. Crew subsidiaries)
  • In front of Hume Fogg (after school pick up)
  • Germantown street parking
  • Cumberland Park parking lot at the foot of the John Seigenthaler pedestrian bridge
  • Nashville Farmers’ Market (our favorite)