Every Gift Is Now a Premium Gift

Every Gift Is Now a Premium Gift

It's not just a gift anymore... it's a gift experience

When you buy a gift for someone, it's more than a gesture, it's a connection. Whether it's an employee you've never met, a friend you occasionally see, or someone you work with every day, we want their gift to mean something and make a lasting impression. In these uncertain times, connecting to people is more important than ever. And, giving premium gifts is the best way we know how.

The days of upgrades, extra charges, and basic boxes are over. Now every one of Batch's hand-curated gift sets is a premium gift experience. That means every gift is sealed with seasonal ribbon. Every gift has a handwritten note on one of our occasion cards. Every gift is packed lovingly by hand, and sent with the best we have to offer.

When you buy one of our curated gift sets, it automatically comes with: 

Premium Ivory Crinkle

Open Box of Ivory Crinkle

 Handwritten Note on one of our Occasion Cards

A note for every occasion... probably. We write the gift note you want, the way you want it. Handwritten notes matter more now than ever. After all these years, we still love adding this personal touch. 

Batch Sticker Seal and Custom Tissue Paper Batch Box Sealed With Batch Sticker

 Seasonal Gift Ribbon

Batch Box Gift Wrapped with White, Yellow, and Gold

No longer an upcharge! We're happy to leave those days behind and have every gift sealed with a bow. For our 2021 holiday gifts, the colors will be festive red, white, and ivory. Only the best for Kris Crinkle. 

Shipped in a Protective Carton

Batch Box with Protective Outer Shipping Boxes

An outer shipping box ensures your gift gets safely to where it's going. Plus, we don't sacrifice the presentation for any tape or shipping labels. 

So let's get premium gifting, y'all. Premium gift sets are available on batchusa.com. For an exclusive peek at our Holiday 2021 Collection, get in touch with a gift expert today. Experience gifts with a gift experience.