Event Gifts for Any Event You're Planning

Event Gifts for Any Event You're Planning

Are you someone who's planning an event? Are you someone who's planning someone else's event? Either way, we want to help. 

Event gifts can be a headache. With everything else that goes into planning an event, sourcing and packing event gifts can be a real time-consuming pain. And you have no time for time-consuming pains. 

But don't worry, that's where we come in. From curating to delivery, Batch's event gift team can handle every aspect of the event gifts, so you can focus on making your event shine. Custom-stamped gift boxes, hand-wrapped gift ribbon, and locally-sourced gifts? You'll never mutter the words "Goodie Bag" again.  


Take a look at a recent gift we did for our friends at Big Events, Inc. Big Events was working on a... well, big event for Neodent, an organization of dental professionals meeting in downtown Nashville. We needed to curate a corporate gift for 100 recipients that would include:

  1. Colors and labeling to match Neodent's unique brand
  2. "Nashville" themed local gifts, visible to the recipient
  3. A customized and branded leather journal (shoutout to Hip Hues)

The gifts they chose were:

Once we packed up these stylish boxes, we finished out the gift with purple crinkle for filling, purple gift-ribbon, and a hand-stamped branded Neodent gift box (which you can get for F R E E if you order before October 31st). Everything about this gift was customized with the client in mind, creating a cohesive and personalized style for their event. Now, all that was left was the delivery. 

Car Packed with Boxes with Dutch Man Reading Sales Order

Though we can handle gifts for your event located anywhere in the country (here's our shipping policy), for local events in Nashville, we can deliver those personally and save you having to track down a boxcutter. We packed these 100 Neodent corporate gifts and sent them downtown with Wouter, our delivery expert. 

Back Seat Loaded with Packages

Even to the 3rd floor of a beloved local night spot and event space, we were able to deliver these memorable event gifts by 3 P.M. (without stepping on the toes of the florist). Big Events Inc. had a lot of things on their mind--but Neodent's corporate event gift? That was not one of them. 

Neodent Corporate Event Gift On Chair in Front of Flowers

Whether it's in-person or online, Batch would love to help you create the perfect local gift for your unforgettable event. Get in touch with us by October 31st to get  F R E E  branded boxes with stamps of YOUR company's logo. A little personalization goes a long way.