Eat, Drink, and Sightsee in Asheville with a Bona-Fide Foodie: Asheville NC’s Postre Caramels from Batch

Eat, Drink, and Sightsee in Asheville with a Bona-Fide Foodie

Joe Scott and Jamie Sastre are the dynamic duo behind Postre Caramels, a sweet little company that makes candies and sauces in the Woodfin area of Asheville, North Carolina. Joe, a former restaurateur, shared with us their go-to spots for dining, cocktails, and exploring this fine city. Unwrap a caramel, grab a pencil, and get to reading... because you are definitely going to want to take notes about the best of Asheville as seen through Joe Scott’s eyes.

Read on to learn more about Joe Scott’s favorite spots in Asheville, North Carolina!

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Where do you take out of towners?

We love Fig restaurant. Classic bistro menu and a great shaded patio. We particularly love it for a leisurely lunch with wine.  

What’s one place to get food or drinks that no one outside of Asheville knows about, but everyone inside your city loves?

Sovereign Remedies—awesome cocktails, cool space, and great food, as well. 

What food or drink would be worth waiting in line for?

Hole Doughnuts, which is where chefs eat donuts. They are over-the-top good. Like, the best fried dough you’ve ever had in your life. It's that good!  

Where do you go to celebrate a special occasion in your city? 

Vivian is great and not just because we can walk from our house (though that doesn’t hurt).  If you are a bit of a food history buff, you will love their food. Classic dishes and especially sauces that you, sadly, don’t see restaurants making anymore. They don’t just do them—they rock them! 

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Where is your favorite place to exercise in Asheville? 

Riverfront Greenway Trails in the River Arts District and beyond. They are finishing the paving and landscaping, and this network will be a true treasure in the city, especially as it gets more crowded. 

What is your favorite place to take kids in town?

Kids Science Museum Downtown 

Best place to karaoke?

Sadly, it's been a long time...way before Asheville. But, I’ve heard it’s Ole Shakey’s.

What is the best art event in Asheville?

Big Crafty is a great show with a ton of handmade treasures. It really showcases the talent that calls Asheville and its surrounds home.

Where is the best place to go to get a good view of Asheville? 

Any of our great rooftop bars! Try The Montford. Probably the best spot is the Grove Park Inn, where the view over the Blue Ridge Mountains is spectacular. 

What is your favorite park in your city or within an hour’s drive?

Pisgah Forest hikes near Brevard—an easy 1 hour drive—where there are amazing waterfalls and trails! 

What is missing from your city? What do you wish it had?

Not much—great food, drink, scenery, people—and I don’t miss the traffic! 

And one more question about being a small business owner…

What’s it been like to keep on making during a global pandemic? 

Kind of lonely to be honest. Never before have I had so little contact with our customers and vendors. Everything is online via email. I miss seeing and giving samples to our customers, but that is not in the cards for some time I’m afraid. Working on lots of new flavors, new packaging ideas, participating in a consumer goods accelerator through CO.LAB in Chattanooga, so good things are happening in our “down time.”

Joe Scott of Asheville's Postre Caramel for BatchJamie Sastre of Asheville's Postre Caramel for BatchEmery Scott of Asheville's Postre Caramel for Batch

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