Eat and Drink Through San Francisco with a Local Amateur Foodie and Soapmaker

Eat and Drink Through San Francisco with a Local Amateur Foodie and Soapmaker

Alana Rivera is a soapmaker who knows a thing or two about the San Francisco food scene. She brought her two loves together to create Etta + Billie—“deliciously natural bodycare for selfcare.” Etta + Billie soaps, lotions, body oils, and other apothecary self-care products are all inspired by the San Francisco food scene she loves. Who better to tell us where to eat, drink, and celebrate during our next trip to San Francisco? 

Read on to learn more about Alana Rivera’s favorite spots in San Francisco...but don’t think you’ll learn it all. She’s keeping at least one secret to herself. 

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Where do you take out of towners? 

Besides the classic, San Francisco tourist destinations, I love taking people to the Ferry Building. It’s filled with great food options, an independent bookstore and some stunning views of the city, the Bay Bridge, and the East Bay.

What’s one place to eat that no one outside of your city knows about, but everyone inside your city loves? 

I can't tell you that, it’s a secret.

What food or drink would be worth waiting in line for? 

The Buckwheat Donuts at The Morris and any ice cream from BiRite Creamery.

Where is the best place to get a cocktail in San Francisco? 

Trick Dog or Junior


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Where do you go to celebrate a special occasion? 

One of my favorites is the House of Prime Rib. It feels like you’re in a time-warp—in the best possible way. If you’re looking for something more modern, try Lolinda.

What is your favorite hidden gem to recommend to out-of-town guests? 

A walk around Sutro Baths and Lands End. It’s insanely beautiful and a nice peek into San Francisco history.

Where is your favorite place to exercise?

If by “exercise,” you mean walking to eat food… then, Dolores Park. There are at least six incredible food spots nearby to grab something, walk to the top of the park, and then eat while doing some major people-watching.

What is your favorite place to take kids in San Francisco? 

The Exploratorium or the Academy of Sciences. I’ve been going to both since I was a kid, and there’s something magical about seeing those spaces again from a child's perspective.

Best place to karaoke?

The Mint or one of the private rooms in Japantown.

Where is the best place to go to get a good view of San Francisco? 

The top of Bernal Park. There are sweeping views of the entire city, plus peek-a-boo views of the Golden Gate Bridge.

What is missing from San Francisco? 

Cheaper everything.

And one more question about being a small business owner…

What’s it been like to keep on making apothecary skin care products during a pandemic? 

Strange, wonderful, scary. It feels like an opportunity to get back to Etta + Billie’s roots and spend more time on creation, but it’s also anxiety producing when you have bills to pay and a family to take care of! Just trying to embrace the uncertainty.

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