Denver Snacks to Pack When Mile High Ghost Hunting

Denver Snacks to Pack When Mile High Ghost Hunting

Who ya gonna call in the Mile High City?  

Grab your favorite fanny pack and and some night vision goggles, because this haunted mansion is bound to leave you hungry. We thought we would share a few small business snacks from the great state of Colorado, and feature one local haunt that's worth investigating when you visit. We love finding small business products and places to support across the country.   

Il Porcellino Salumi

Il Porcellino Salami Charcuterie Board

photo courtesy of Il Porcellino Salumi ]

Even though our home state of Tennessee honors the pig in mouthwatering Southern barbecue, the Il Porcellino Salumi experience is a whole different animal. The "Saucisson Sec" salami is made with Malbec wine and garlic, and from pork raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. It's easy to see why Bill Miner was crowned the Grand Champion at both the 2018 and 2020 Charcuterie Masters competition

Hammond's Candies Snack Mix - Super Snack Mix

Hammonds Perfect Balance Trail Mix with Workout Equipment

Photo courtesy of Hammond's Candies ]

Peanuts. Chocolate Raisins. Almonds. Naked Raisins. Last year Hammond's celebrated their 100-year anniversary. While they're known in Denver as a rags-to-riches candy factory that spent the last century catering to our collective sweet-tooth, we know them at Batch for making ridiculously tempting trail mix. We've got Perfect Balance, Midnight Snack, and Wassup Wasabi, which if you mix them all together, give you super powers... probably. 

Altitude Snacks - Mountain Magic Trail Mix

Altitude Snacks Open Bag of Trail Mix

This photo and title photo courtesy of Altitude Snacks ]

Whether you're hiking up Pike's Peak, or about to hit the slopes for some "fresh pow", make sure you're properly energized with Altitude Snacks. This trail mix has jumbo raisins, sweet Fuji apples, tropical pineapple wedges, raw pecans and sea salt & black pepper-roasted cashews--everything you need to properly fuel your next adventure. 

Did you know? 

Denver is called the "Mile High City" because of its elevation: the capital rests at 5,280 feet, or one mile, above sea level. That being said, it is NOT the highest capital city in the country. That honor goes to Santa Fe, which sits over 7,000 feet above.  

Visit: The Highlands Ranch Mansion

Engaged couple with Highlands Ranch Mansion

[ Lovely engaged couple visiting the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Wedding venue, perhaps? ]

Highlands Ranch sits slightly below Denver, but it's higher in elevation--an upper-middle class suburb made of walking trails, cul-de-sacs, and faux mountain-style homes. It's the kind of place where kids tattoo chalk drawings on the sidewalk, and where every parent seems to own an all-terrain stroller. It might not look like "Denver", but there's more than meets the eye. 

The Highlands Ranch Mansion is a homestead/chateau/castle that hides in a labyrinth of suburban housing development.  

What once started as a 40-acre homestead, the now 27,000-square-foot mansion has been renovated and expanded by a cast of homeowners that includes cattle barons, oil tycoons, prominent socialites, and even a retired Civil War general (yes, one of the bad guys). Each owner had their own unique style they brought to the property, as reflected by the various artistic styles authentically restored for each historic room. And it's definitely haunted. 

Highlands Ranch Mansion Mint Interior Parlor 

So which came first, Highlands Ranch or the Highlands Ranch Mansion? Luckily, unlike the chicken and the egg, there's an easy answer. The name of the community is actually derived from the "Highlands Ranch Mansion", as it was named in 1937 by the mansion's final private resident, Lawrence Phipps Jr. Phipps used it as his personal hunting club for decades. The name transferred to the then "future" suburban community when Shea Homes acquired the property in the late 70's. Even so, it still looks like the set of The Shining

Zach Looking in Highlands Ranch Mansion Mirror

Not a ghost, just a Zach. ]

Depending on the day of the week, you can take a self-guided tours and stroll around the property, or book a tour in advance with one of their knowledgable docents. These are the folks who know all the good ghost stories. Their hours vary on different private events, so check out their calendar and make a reservation in advance. 

Highlands Ranch Mansion Courtyard Exterior

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