Custom Holiday Gifts Sparkle(r) with Joy

Custom Holiday Gifts Sparkle(r) with Joy


Even though we can't prepare for everything, we can always prepare for custom holiday gifts that will spark joy. 

Our friends at 4Patriots are making products that help families become more independent and self-reliant. These folks are champions of freedom, selling everything from solar-powered generators to survival food supply kits. While we've worked with them more than a few times in the past, they recently contacted us to work on a special gift to celebrate the Fourth of July, which as you might guess, is a pretty big one for this group. We were thrilled to curate gifts to help our local small business allies celebrate Independence Day. 

We first selected a variety of items that would be thoughtful and festive for each recipient by including:

  • Some treats that could be enjoyed at a cookout or barbecue
  • Products that aesthetically aligned with patriotic colors (red, white, or blue)
  • Something that honored "Nashville" 

That resulted in:

Once those were finalized, 4Patriots added their own personal flair by including:

  • A 4Patriots branded flashlight
  • Fourth of July Patriotic Chocolate Covered Oreos
  • A personalized printed note explaining the gift
  • 4Patriots branding on each gift box
  • Red, White, and Navy Blue gift wrap

All together, the finished box looked something like this:

4Patriots Custom Gift Box

Wrapped 4Patriots Gift Box

Normally this would be about the end of the story. But then, disaster struck in the form of a crinkle shortage that left us without the required amount of our iconic kraft crinkle. We were only able to pack a little over half of the order before the supply ran dry. The error would be enough to halt the assembly line of a much less agile gift company. But what does Batch do?

Like our friends in 4Patriots, we survive.

Thanks to some quick thinking from our inventory manager, we were able to pivot, improvise, and problem solve a true custom gift solution. Finding some leftover boxes of colored crinkle from previous orders, we were able to create our own blend of patriotic crinkle, which we mixed local-lovingly by hand (see below). 

Despite its "unique" branding, the recipients of the gifts loved the red, white, and blue filler. All together, the entire pack took less than 2 weeks to source, pack, and ship. We figure these gifts will look great underneath some fireworks.