COVID Can’t Keep Us Down: Exploring Asheville Edition with Peter Michelman of Pete's Extraordinary Granola

COVID Can’t Keep Us Down: Exploring Asheville Edition

Peter Michelman makes delicious granola. So delicious, in fact, it’s extraordinary. When he’s not making Pete’s Extraordinary Granola, you can find him out and about in Asheville, North Carolina. As you’ll soon learn, several of Peter’s favorite spots have closed due to COVID-19, but he still has a few great recommendations to make (except that one he wants to keep a secret just for the locals #sorrynotsorry). Grab your granola and get to munchin’ while you take a virtual tour of Asheville, North Carolina. 

Pete's Extraordinary Granola of Ashville, NC for Batch

Read on to learn more about some of Peter Michelman’s favorite spots in Asheville, North Carolina!

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📍 Where do you take out of towners to eat? 

I would have said Native Kitchen to all questions about food, but sadly, it has closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

☝️ What’s one place to eat that no one outside of your city knows about, but everyone inside your city loves? 

Baba Nahm has good falafels.

🥤 What food or drink would be worth waiting in line for? 

I don’t do lines, but if it were open, I would have said Native Kitchen.

🍸 Where is the best place to get a cocktail in your city?

A place without a line...

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💎 What is your favorite hidden gem tourist attraction or activity to recommend to your out-of-town guests? 

What if I want to keep a hidden gem?

🏃🏽‍♀️ Where is your favorite place to exercise in your city? 

I would have said Golds Gym, but it has closed, as well.

🥁 What is your favorite place to take kids in your city? 

The drum circle that meets at Pritchard Park

🎤 Best place to karaoke? 

It doesn’t matter, but you should be intoxicated.

🎨 Where is the best art in town? 

The small shops in the River Arts District

🔍 Where is the best place to go to get a good view of your city? 

Town Mountain Road or the Blue Ridge Parkway

🏞️ What is your favorite park in your city or within an hour’s drive?

Pritchard...It’s more of a street corner than a park, though… But, watch out for meth heads.

🤔 What is missing from your city? 

Really good New York-style pizza, minus the meth heads

And one more question about being a small business owner…

💡 What’s it been like to keep on making during a global pandemic? 

I’ve been working on developing a new flavor of Pete’s Extraordinary Granola while trying not to get COVID.

Peter Michelman of Asheville's Pete’s Extraordinary Granola for Batch

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