Custom Corporate Gifts... All Your Client Has to Do is Claim

Custom Corporate Gifts... All Your Client Has to Do is Claim

You customize. We curate. They claim. The corporate gift solution for business gifts that land every single time. 

Curating the perfect corporate gift for every potential client, new employee, or faithful customer? Batch is totally here for that. But for you, it sounds exhausting. 

Don't worry. At Batch, we can help you curate your perfect small business corporate gift and your own custom gift selection page. Each time you need to send a gift, it'll follow these easy steps:

  1. You send the ordering portal link to Recipient
  2. Recipient claims the gift and enters shipping info
  3. Batch sends them your custom corporate gift batch

**Notice: you're only in one of the steps**


Don't worry about creating a new gift every time. We can save you the creative energy, so you can focus on the bigger fish you have to fry. 

Check out an order we did recently with our friends at The Roots Barn, a brand new campus for roots music and community events opening in Madison in early 2022. Their custom curated batch featured local small business products and an assortment of customized branded swag, including:

Their personalized hand-curated gift looked like this:

Roots Barn Interior Gift Box

[ It's no surprise it was curated with the help of Roots Barn exec and legendary Batch Hall-of-Famer, Nancy Van-Reece

We can help with all of the custom branded stuff too! Contact us today about getting your own branded swag in your holiday, event, or corporate gift. You can provide the items or we can work with our vendors to create one-of-a-kind gifts. 

Then, we created the custom gift selection page. We helped The Roots Barn save this gift on their own personal link, so any time they want to send a customer/client/artist a gift, all they need to do is send the link. That page looks a little something like this:

Roots Barn Landing Page 

The customer claims.

Roots Barn Batch Checkout

We ship.

Batch Roots Barn Landing Page Shipping Info


To set up an ordering portal of your own, or if you just want to talk great corporate holiday gifts, reach out today. We can make your life easier while helping small businesses across the country. Local gifts, nationwide, made meaningful.