Effortless Custom Corporate Gifts

Effortless Custom Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift ideas for the companies who want to be the most efficient gift-givers on the block. 

As we've transitioned to doing more and more corporate gifts, we've learned one lesson: companies that give employee gifts want to them to be customized and want them to be quick. That's one of the things that sets us apart from the big guys: our agility and specificity. Because time is money. Money is power. And power is pizza. 


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Few have mastered (and helped us hone) our curated gift boxes like our friends at Technology Advice. By supplying us with a few of their own custom products, we were able to help them create their own Batches that are permanently saved on our website. These Batches live on a customized landing page, so TA can order and re-order unique personalized gifts at the click of a button. 

Here's what the customized landing page looks like:

Technology Advice Landing Page

"This hand-curated gift batch is for the exclusive use of YOUR COMPANY HERE and it's related groups." 

Furthermore, TA has more than one personalized gift box curated, a "standard" and "deluxe" gift option, depending on the occasion. The standard Technology Advice Batch, is exclusively Batch products. It starts with their favorite assortment of local small business products, including:

All dolled up, it looks something like this:

Technology Advice Gift Batch (not Deluxe)

In order to make it "Deluxe", Technology Advice added their own custom products--everything they'd need to welcome new employees to the team. This particular "Welcome Wagon" includes:

  • Technology Advice Logo T-Shirt
  • Branded Travel Coffee Mug 
  • "Goodie Bag" with pens, bottle opener key chain, and stickers.  

Technology Advice Deluxe Gift Batch

We know what you're thinking...

Navigating another company's t-shirt orders and sizes sounds tricky. 

Well, we can do it. And it's more simple than you think. Because TA ordered a variety of different t-shirt colors and sizes at the beginning, all Technology Advice has to do is select the size of the recipient and the preferred color of the shirt, and we'll get it to them. This goes for any individual or group. One or one hundred, we'll make sure the right employee gets the right size, no sweat. 

Technology Advice Landing Page Selection

We love teaming up with bigger businesses (like TA) to help support the little guy (read more).  These are the kinds of corporate gift connections that make saving small business fast and easy. 

Want to set up your own personalized gift box and landing page with Batch? Check out Corporate Custom Gift Solutions to get started.