Pro-Level Corporate Gifts for the Whole Team

Pro-Level Corporate Gifts for the Whole Team

How businesses like the Tennessee Titans are handing off the gift giving to us, so we can make their corporate event gift a touchdown. 

It's a familiar scene: fourth quarter. Clock is ticking. You've got to buy the perfect gift, and somehow it's gotta mean something.  

Well, we at Batch would love to be your "Hail Mary" pass, whether you're gifting in the opening five minutes, or down to the final buzzer. 

Batch can provide local small business corporate gifts for anyone on your team, and customize them to to fit your needs and situation. Custom stamp with YOUR logo (reach out by October 31st to get yours for FREE), tricolored gift ribbon in YOUR team's colors, gift inserts with YOUR words... we can tackle it all.

Check out this recent order we did for our local home team, the Tennessee Titans. The Titans were welcoming some very special guests from out of state: veteran team members and players from the Houston Oilers, the franchise's pre-Nashville franchise (read more about the occasion). For this reason, these gifts had to say both "Welcome to Tennessee", and "We're honored to have you here." We told 'em that our gifts can handle both. 

Putting the "throw" in "throwback", the Titans started with a box stamped with the logo for the Houston Oilers. This gives the box a personalized, nostalgic feel. Check it out:   

Houston Oilers Stamped Box

[ This upgrade is free if you reach out to us by the end of October (so we can get ready for our Super Bowl, i.e. the holidays).

We have tons of pre-curated gifts that make holiday shopping even quicker, but we're also happy to add custom branded items as well (read more). The Titans kept it simple. They chose to add small-business gifts made exclusively by Tennessee companies (although of course we can source from anywhere). For this gift, the Titans included:

Then, we threw in a customized gift insert for the guests. All together, the gift looked like this:

Batch TN Titans Gift

Finally, we were ready to box up and add our gift ribbon. While our seasonal gift ribbon is red, white, and ivory, the Titans chose to upgrade theirs to match that slick Tennessee Titans logo. To the professionals, presentation is everything. The final product looked like this:

Tennessee Titans Box with Red white and Blue Ribbon

No shipping boxes and tape machines-- this Nashville team picked "Local Delivery," so we delivered the gift boxes ourselves to a luxurious local hotel. There, they were waiting to be an unexpected surprise for the Titans' exclusive guests. Touchdown. 

Holiday gift ideas can be a lot to tackle, but there's no need to Titan up-- we're here to help. Get in touch with the professionals during October to get FREE branded gift boxes, and peace of mind this holiday season. And don't worry... no more football jokes.  

Main photo credit: Donald Page