Corporate Gift Ideas for Customer Service Week

Corporate Gift Ideas for Customer Service Week

Customer service is both an art and a science. So get these artsy scientists something good.

Showing gratitude is a virtue. Showing gratitude for customer service workers is a lifestyle choice. You don't want to be the guy taking things waayyy too personally in the line at Starbucks.

Batch is here to help you find the perfect corporate gift to show gratitude for Customer Service Week (which should be every week), and uplift the businesses that choose to shop small.  Don't be the company leaving your customer service workers out to dry--engaging with people through the good, the bad, and the ugly takes a lot of strength, and it's important to show customer service workers that their effort doesn't go unnoticed. 

You know who's doing a great job recognizing their customer service team? Our friends, 4Patriots, located right here in Nashville. 4Patriots wanted to celebrate Customer Service Week with local small business gifts for their customer service workers. They came to the right place... here's what we curated:

Then, they added their own branded upgrades-- just a little something extra to give it the personal touch. 

But how do you make a gift that effectively says "your dedication and hard work is what makes 4Patriots successful and we are so very grateful"? Well, you add your own custom gift message that says just that. Check it out:

4 Patriots Customer Service Week Gift Insert 

Altogether, the total customer service corporate gift experience looked like this:

4Patriots Gift Box Interior

Finally, we wrapped up these custom branded boxes in our patriotic matte gift ribbon. In just 2-7 business days, the 4Patriots' customer service team received their personalized gift boxes, and just in time for Customer Service Week. Gratitude delivered. 

4Patriots Gift Box with Red White and Blue Ribbon

For clients, for employees, or for patriots, Batch wants to help you knock out the perfect corporate holiday gift. Get in touch with one of our gift experts by October 31st to get a FREE stamp of your logo on your corporate gift boxes.