Canceled Event? There's a Gift For That.

Canceled Event? There's a Gift For That.

How to turn your corporate event from a "canceled flight" into a connecting one. 

Struggling to book corporate events in a pandemic has become a "cancel culture" of its own. Nearly two years into this thing, we're still finding that large group gatherings aren't always safe. How do you find community with coworkers you've never met, with faces on a screen, with a cold list of obscure email addresses? 

In this situation, we find that meaningful, personalized gifts are more important than ever. Having the ability to curate, brand, and personalize your own corporate gifts goes a long way, especially when face-to-face interaction becomes irresponsible. We've found from our own experience that business (of any shape or size) is about connection. And meaningful connection is what great gifts are all about. 


Look at a recent virtual event gift we curated for our friends at CAT Financial. These folks were hoping to celebrate a round 40 years of helping their clients in Nashville, but couldn't celebrate in person the way they had planned. They needed a solid corporate gift  to accompany their (now virtual) milestone event. Here's what we put in their custom curated gift box:

  • Soberdough Brew Bread (made in Nashville)
  • NASH Coozie (made in Nashville)
  • Custom CAT Financial baseball cap (client-provided item)
  • Custom gift message for recipients

All together, the CAT Financial personalized corporate gift looked like this:

CAT Financial Interior

A small gift can go a long way. This gift is the perfect example of the kind of thing we love to do. Easy to customize. Easy to deliver. Easy to make a connection. 

So when your corporate event has been canceled (or relocated to Zoom, GoogleMeet, etc.), it's not the end of the story. You can still go the extra mile and send your employees a personalized, meaningful gift that doesn't risk anyone's safety.  

Has your event been canceled? No problem. You're not the only one. Check out our Canceled Event Gifts page for an exclusive offer. Or reach out to a gift expert if you're ready to start talkin' corporate holiday gifts