Be an HR Superstar this Holiday Season with a Business Gift from Batch

Be an HR Superstar this Holiday Season with a Business Gift from Batch

This holiday season is HR’s time to shine! The office party has been cancelled, and you now have a good amount of your budget to shift to corporate gifts. You can be an HR superstar if you think creatively about spending your budget on business gifts that will lift your team’s spirits and meet their needs. 

No doubt your Human Resources department has shifted your strategy many times this year, and you have just as much COVID-fatigue as the rest of your team. Let Batch help make your pandemic gifting easy!

We have cozy gifts.

Our No Place Like Home collection has everything they need to enjoy being socially distanced and stuck at home.

We have work from home gifts.

Our snack and coffee selection is unbeatable. Keep your team fueled into 2021.

We have cocktail-themed gifts.

For those times you want to celebrate, we have many cocktail-related gift options for your team. (We even have partnerships that allow us to coordinate an alcohol delivery to arrive alongside your Batch gift.)

We have a whole slew of corporate gift solutions.

If you want some more ideas and options for your corporate holiday gift, check out our 2020 Business Gift Guide.

And, we have a few more holiday treats up our sleeve.

Want local pick-up and delivery options in Nashville?

Here are the details on our free pick-up and low-cost local delivery options for the Nashville area.

Need help figuring out where to send your team’s gifts?

Check out our customized solution for finding addresses.

Need help planning a pandemic-safe office party?

Check out our top 7 Tips for Planning a Virtual Office Holiday Party They’ll Want to Attend

Need help with any other corporate holiday gifting needs?

Reach out to us now. Our team is on-call to help you be an HR Superstar this year. 

For even more ideas for how to spend your Human Resources holiday party budget, check out our Cancelled Office Holiday Party post.