Sustainable is Attainable with Batch

Sustainable is Attainable with Batch

We love the Earth. It's the only place we know where you can get Hot Chicken.  

Earlier this year, the Batch Operations Team made a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve our resources, and work towards becoming a zero waste company. Here's how we've taken some steps to become a lean, green, gift-giving machine. 

Commitment to Reduce

Of course, our number one priority is making sure your gifts arrive with nothing broken or damaged. Even so, we're always trying to use the least amount to get it there safely. The smallest possible box, the least amount of bubble wrap, and the most amount of words fit neatly on one gift insert. We can reduce our impact on the environment and make an impact on small businesses instead. 

Open Batch Box with Green Crinkle and Earth insert 

Commitment to Reuse

1. Reuse the materials we're given

Chap, our Warehouse Manager, calls it "Creative Reuse". Sourcing artisan small business products from all across the country, we often find ourselves with more than our fair share of shipping waste. Bubble pouches, kraft paper, and leftover shipping boxes that once littered the warehouse are now repurposed and shipped. That way, the material we're given can find new life and continue circulating throughout the supply chain. 

2. Compost

That kraft crinkle that gets everywhere in your living room when you open a gift? Well that gets everywhere in our warehouse, too. Rather than throwing away this wasted ground crinkle, every several weeks we compost it with a Metro Waste and Recycling Convenience Center. This initiative was the brain child of our talented Fulfillment Manager (and Kronk impersonator), Mark Newsom. 

3. Stickers

Ever gotten a Batch box with a neat sticker instead of the usual stamp?

The secret is out

We found a way to turn our "dangits" into an opportunity to reduce waste. Back in the early days at the warehouse, messing up the stamp on a box meant having to recycle the entire thing. This lead to (sometimes) piles of wasted cardboard boxes, which clogged our recycling bin and hurt our souls. 

It may have been RJ that came up with the idea to have Batch stickers to cover up the fudged stamps. No more wasted boxes. Each box that would've been thrown out can now fulfill its true destiny and bring joy to your home. 

Batch box with foliage

"I saw how many boxes we were wasting, and wanted to find a solution to save them and repurpose them. Also because of the shame of having to grab a sticker, we've gotten better at stamping." - RJ Thornton, Inventory Manager 

Commitment to Recycle

Hand holding Batch Box over Green Leaves

Here are just a few of the things we love to recycle here at Batch:

  • Any and all cardboard (which gets picked up twice a week) 
  • Plastic film and palette wrap, with Kroger's Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program
  • Plastic bottles/aluminum cans
  • Leftover ink cartridges 
  • Used/scrap printer paper 

"I know we're a small company with a relatively small footprint, but it's important that every person and entity do what they can to take care of the world that we all share." -Mark Newsom, Fulfillment Manager


What To Do With YOUR Batch Box

Once you've gotten your perfect gift, the future of your Batch box is in your hands! Here's what to do with the leftover "stuff":

Batch sustainability chart

To read more about how some of our favorite purveyors are taking their own green initiative, check out "3 Purveyors Who Are  Putting Sustainability First" on the Batch Blog. 

Batch Box resting on a green bush