A LOT of Corporate Gifts... Quickly

A LOT of Corporate Gifts... Quickly

Size... it doesn't really matter. 

Some know Batch from our "good ole days" at the Farmers Market. Individual local products. Swapping stories with customers. Lil' shopping baskets.

What many don't know, is that we've gotten quicker, smarter, and better since then. Now we can take that same experience and multiply it by 1,000, sending small business gifts to your coworkers, clients, or employees at the drop of a hat.  Whether you're looking for business gift ideas for one, 100, or a "heck ton of"  people, we're ready to make the perfect corporate gift happen, and we can do it fast. 


Example? Our friends at Ardent Health Services (located in Nashville, woo!) asked us to help create and deliver a gift for their partners at UT Health East Texas. Using local goodies that Ardent had customized and sourced (we're always happy to do the sourcing for you!), our mission was to pick up the products on Tuesday, and have the gift boxes out the door by the end of the day Wednesday. Here's what went into this personalized gift:

  • 8th & Roast Coffee - "French Occupation" Ground Coffee 
  • Christie Cookie Co. Individual Cookies (x2)
  • Custom "Epic Release" Coffee Mug
  • Custom "Epic Release" T-Shirt (various sizes!)
  • Custom AND individualized gift note insert

All together, the gift looked like this: 

UT Health Coffee, Cookies, Epic Release

Sneak Peek! Check out our new holiday ivory crinkle-- unveiled for the first time in THIS blog post. ]

Oh, and did we mention we had to do 196 of them

No sweat. (well, maybe a little). 

"Unlimited. Infinity. You want it? We got it. That said, we’re pros at handing orders well over 1,000 gifts, and that includes personalization and customization for each of those gift batches. Whether you need 1 or 10,000 we’d love to talk about great gift options for your intended recipients" - Sam Davidson, Batch CEO and Co-Founder

Even though these gifts needed to be shipped on Wednesday, the products were ready on Tuesday and we had all 196 gifts packed and shipped by the end of the day. Thanks to some quick collating from our talented e-commerce manager, there were 196 boxes packed in less than three hours, and with individualized t-shirt sizes and gift notes. That's not bragging, that's just the facts. 

If you've got a corporate gift idea, we want to help you make it happen! Is it a for an event happening next week? Contact us today. Is it for a holiday gift? Contact us today. We want to help ease the uncertainty, so contact us today.