Meet the Purveyors: Walker Creek Confections

There may be more than one way to cook a caramel, but we think that Walker Creek found the perfect way and just kept adding to it. As subscribers for our October Batch (After Dinner) know, a little bourbon with caramels goes a long way.

Cathy McCook and Bruce Mott began making confections years ago and now have a home for their sweet treats on the square in Watertown, Tennessee. Cooking up toffee and caramels is the name of the game and dripping some spirits in the mix is the play of the day. This husband-and-wife team cooks, wraps, sells, and delights with every creation.  

Once After Dinner landed on doorsteps, people told us how out-of-this-world these caramels were. All we could say in response was "Aren't you glad we didn't eat them all."

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