Now Arriving on Dorm Doorsteps

One of the most popular requests we've gotten since Batch began is something akin to:

I really love the products in my Batch, but my son/daughter can't use pancake mix/a candle/coffee beans at college. Any chance I can send them a Batch of locally-made products that are ready to eat?

Today we say, "Yes!"

Replace the Ramen is Batch's newest offering. Each month, we'll send your favorite college student(s) a Batch of four locally-made goods that will quickly make them the most popular kid at school (for all the right reasons). 

Each Replace the Ramen Batch has:

  • Freshly baked cookies (made the same day we ship their Batch)
  • Another sweet item for a sometimes-needed sugar rush
  • Two better-for-you items so you can feel good that they're not binging on chips and chocolate milk all the time

Best of all, each Batch ships at the beginning of the month so your student will get his or her Batch around the same time you get yours, although the items will vary.

Replace the Ramen can ship to any campus or apartment complex in the U.S., so be sure to order today to send the November Replace the Ramen Batch in just a few weeks. When it ships, you'll also get an email telling you what they got. We're quite sure they'll be texting you to "send more food, plz."