Meet the Purveyors: TruBee Honey

When we were looking for the perfect addition to our Rise & Shine Batch, we wanted something that could go with a lot of things. When we found TruBee, we lucked out and got something that went with everything.

TruBee is helmed by Laura Kimball and her husband Jeff. It's possible that every jar of TruBee tastes a little different (but always delicious) because their bees can fly up to three miles from the hive. And, based on temperature, rainfall, and even sunshine, TruBee's pure honey is flavorful and as they Kimballs say, "captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time."

When you try TruBee, you'll find it goes great with a lot of foods. We've had it on oatmeal, pancakes, toast, and tea. Try it in a marinade or with some fruit. Just eat it by itself, if you want (we won't tell).

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