Meet the Purveyors: Garage Coffee Company

Our inaugural Rise & Shine Batch wouldn't help you rise and shine without some strong coffee beans? We tasted what we were looking for at Garage Coffee Company in Marathon Village.

Garage is driven by Robert Camardo, who hails from New Jersey. His fascinating and family-fueled tale of how he arrived in Nashville is worth hearing and we're glad he and his beans are here. At Garage Coffee Company, you'll notice a roadster theme, but the staff there knows its way around a roaster, too.

Making potent espresso drinks and brewing a mean cup of Road Rage (that's the coffee blend), you'll get what you need to start your morning at Garage. If you need to throttle it back, the Anger Management decaf option may be more your speed.

As you're tooling around town, head on over to Garage and grab a drink. Say, "Hi," to Robert and his fine coffee mechanics, take in the motorcycle-influenced decor, and hit the road (wind in the hair optional).

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