9 Meaningful Gift Ideas for a Colleague

9 Meaningful Gift Ideas for a Colleague

When searching for the right gift to give a colleague, you might find that your search is tougher than you anticipated. Getting a gift for a coworker can be difficult. Maybe you get lunch together every day, but you haven’t ever invited them to your Christmas party. Or, maybe you only see each other for a couple of hours at the office Christmas party due to your remote work schedules. However, if you’re looking to get a coworker a gift for any of the following reasons, here are some of the best meaningful gifts that won’t make you – or your coworker – feel awkward.

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Coworker Birthday Gift Ideas

A coworker’s birthday doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. And it can be more than an excuse for free cake. Instead of just signing the office birthday card, consider getting your coworker one of these meaningful small business gifts.

TN Whiskey Tumbler 

Batch TN Whiskey TumblerAlways a classic, there’s a reason people give their coworkers tumblers for birthday gifts. With our own "TN Whiskey" design, you can let them know that they are both as smooth as TN Whiskey, and as sweet as Strawberry Wine. (click here to get the song of your head). Anything that can transport smooth Tennessee Whiskey from the bottle to your mouth is both practical and ergonomic. That's just science. 

It's Your Birthday! Gift Set

Batch It's Your Birthday Gift Set

Whether they’re new to the office or they’ve been working there for years, consider getting them a little something they don't have to share. Our "It's Your Birthday!" Batch says everything in the title--it's their birthday and you totally remembered it. It's the perfect professional gift to give to bosses, old employees or new hires. Feel free to customize your own personal birthday card as well, which we'll include in the box, handwritten like we do

Coworker Retirement Gift Ideas

A retiring coworker deserves a gift or two from the office! They’ve put in years – maybe even decades – of time and energy into their role or position within the company. Send them off with some love by getting them one of these great gift ideas!

Bloody Mary Kit Gift Set

Batch Bloody Mary Kit

Your coworker will need something to keep them busy during all their sudden downtime. How about becoming their own home bartender? Makes sense to us. The Bloody Mary Kit is a great way to say "Mazeltov" for your years of service, and "cheers" to the relaxing days ahead. Plus, when else can you start drinking at breakfast? 

100 Things to Do in Nashville Before You Die

100 Things to Do in Nashville Before You DieWhether they're a Nashville native or a novice tourist, this travel companion is a great way to explore the hidden corners of one of the fastest growing cities in America (well, technically Franklin and Murfreesboro... close enough). It delivers a trove of adventures, diversions, tasty meals, and top-notch music, written by Nashville-expert and writer Tom Adkinson. It's got everything they need to cross off their Music City bucket list, even things they didn't know they had on there.  

Gifts for Your Boss

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Getting your boss a gift is even trickier than getting your coworker a gift. They’re your boss! You don’t want to feel weird about their gift, and you don’t want them to feel weird about it, either. Here are some gift ideas for your boss that won’t make you cringe.

Sunrise Gift Set

Batch Sunrise Gift Set

The perfect gift for the boss who gets there before you, stays after you, or who just appreciates starting the day off right. Consider having everyone in the office pitch in to get your boss this artisanal collection of small business products. Featuring a bounty of coffee, breakfast, and self-care gifts, there's enough here for your boss to take home and share with their loved ones. 

Everything Nice Gift Set

Everything Nice Gift Set

A little extra sweetness is never expected, but always appreciated. The Everything Nice Gift Set comes with four small business treats to help them get through the work week.  It's a good way to say "thanks", "kudos", or "I don't know how you juggle so many responsibilities so effortlessly, but I appreciate that you do." And don't forget, we handwrite your gift message.

Coworker Condolence Gifts

Sometimes, your coworker loses something. Whether it’s a pet, a parent, a child or even another friend/family member, it’s important that you take a moment or two to give your coworker a memorial gift to help them feel supported. In fact, giving gifts can not only help you feel happier, but can help someone else feel happier, too. Here are some memorial gifts to give your coworker who’s grieving. 

The Nashville Blanket Project Blanket

Nashville Blanket Project Blanket

The first days without their loved one are harder than expected, especially in the winter months. Instead of pulling a Michael Scott with an unsolicited hug, give your coworker some extra warmth and comfort, the Nashville way. The folks at The Nashville Blanket Project make high quality couch throws from upcycled fibers, and for each blanket sold, they donate another to someone in need. 

The Roosevelt's Candle Co. Candles

Roosevelts White Sands Candle

Candles are also great memorial gifts because your coworker can light one in honor of their lost loved one. You can choose between Zion, White Sands, or one of 10 cities in our Batch Candle City Series. A little extra light never hurts in times of darkness.

The Happiness Planner Gratitude Journal

Happiness Planner Gratitude Journal

Processing grief takes time, and one of the best ways people can get through the pain is through journaling. It’s a subtle way to encourage your coworker not to keep all their frustrations bottled up inside, and many have found its healing properties to be something they continue with long after they’ve completed the stages of grief.

Check out our Business Gifts page for even more meaningful corporate gift ideas. We can help you curate, source, and customize your very own gift, whether it's going to one colleague, or the whole department. You don't have to put in  a bunch of time to make your gift meaningful.