9 Fall Gift Ideas for a Bountiful Harvest

9 Fall Gift Ideas for a Bountiful Harvest

Step aside pumpkin spice, "gratitude" is the new fall flavor. 

If you're looking for some gifts to dance on the grave of that exhausting summer heat, Batch is here to dance with you. Whether you're getting a gift for a friend's birthday, a coworker's retirement, or the anniversary of something special, these small business products are a great way to shop local and celebrate the leaves changing. Consider harvesting them for your own custom autumn batch, and let the fall festivities begin. 

1. Loveless Sweet Potato Pancake Mix

Loveless Sweet Potato Pancake Mix with Pancakes

The perfect start to a gift, the perfect start to the fall season, and the perfect start to the day. 

2. Pete's Extraordinary Granola

Pete's Extraordinary Granola with Bowl 

Speaking of breakfast, this Asheville-made granola is made with plump cherries, crunchy pistachios, and NO refined sugar--made with both taste and nutrition in mind. Trust us, Pete really knows what he's doing.

3. The Nashville Blanket Project Blanket

Nashville Blanket Project Blanket on Couch

Gift one to a friend, and the Nashville Blanket Project will donate one to a person in need. We love it when you can shop local AND help people experiencing homelessness, all while gifting the gift of comfort this season.  

4. Cafe Femenino Coffee

Cafe Femenino Quinceanera Coffee 

This aromatic coffee was grown on farms owned and operated by women, providing direct compensation, leadership, opportunities, and ownership rights to women farmers. 

5. Roosevelt's Candle Co. Candle - Zion

Roosevelts Candle Co Zion Candle

Vanilla, Palo Santo, Sweet Amber and Clove... it's like grabbing a flannel to wear for the first brisk fall morning, but you know... in a candle.  

6. Tennessee Artisan Honey - Dark Wildflower Honey

Tennessee Artisan Honey Dark Wildflower

It's getting darker earlier, so why shouldn't your honey? Tenneessee Artisan Dark Wildflower Honey has a satin appearance and rich molasses flavor, and adds a rich, natural sweetness to biscuits or your afternoon tea. 

7. Mt. Hope Farms Autumn Apple Fruit Spread

Mt. Hope Farms Autumn Apple Fruit Spread 

This one speaks for itself. If you have a mother to pamper, coworker to praise, or doctor to keep away, find this delectable jam in our Apple-a-Day Collection, along with even more tasty local apple treats. 

8. Loveless Cafe Sweet Potato Butter

Loveless Cafe Sweet Potato Butter

Highway 100's rich cultural icon, The Loveless Cafe, has been dishing out unparalleled southern hospitality since 1951, and the flavor of this sweet potato butter is about as warm and inviting as it gets. 

Try this! 

Loveless's own, Crystal, recommends mixing Loveless Sweet Potato Butter with a bit of cream cheese and dishing on top of cinnamon pita chips. Trust us, we heard about this yesterday and we've already got Stacy's on our weekend grocery list. 

9. Kernels Country Caramel Popcorn

Kernels Caramel Popcorn

Kernels Nashville Popcorn is black-owned, family-owned, and women-owned--they're everything we love about supporting small business. Their country caramel popcorn is sweet sustenance when navigating your local corn maze this season.

Looking for other gift ideas for this upcoming season (or the seasons that come before and after?) Check out batchusa.com for even more hand-curated small business gifts.