Behind the Scenes

One of the best parts of doing what we're doing has been meeting fantastic purveyors - folks who passionately make, pour, mix, package, deliver, craft, and dream about creating things you're bound to love.

When we select purveyors for each month's Batch (and for our soon-to-be-released gift items), we take into account not just what they make, but why they make it. We get to hear their stories of how their small operations started and what they love most about crafting things for others.

Once we select a fine local purveyor to include his or her goods in our Batch, we go see them in action, mixing, milling, scooping, cutting, and cooking. After our first Batch (10 days and counting!) lands on your doorstep, we'll profile each purveyor here so you can learn more about them and restock your pantry with their delicious treats.

So, without giving too much away, we did want to tease with a few images of these photo shoots. Take a look at some of what we see behind the scenes, and get ready to see it up close in less than two weeks.