What a Week It's Been

A week ago today, Batch flung open our online doors and invited you to come and take a look.

Thanks for showing up.

It's been an awesome and busy week. We've had several of you tweet about us and others share what we're doing on Facebook. A big thanks goes out to the Nashville Scene and the Tennessean for mentioning us.

Of course, thanks a million to each of you who are signing up for our first batch, heading your way in just three short weeks or so. We've locked in all of our initial purveyors (five of them!) and you're going to love what's included.

Speaking of, we'll be teasing very soon who's in the first batch so you can learn more about the awesome people making awesome things. We don't want to give away too much, but we also want to share what all you can enjoy.

Bigger ideas are on the horizon, too, like themed gift boxes and special deliveries. 

But until then, keep sharing! There's just a week left to guarantee that you're part of our first batch. So if you haven't made your mind up or your friend is on the fence, give us a shot. So many of you have, and we're thankful and amazed. 

This is going to be a very fun ride. We're glad you're aboard.