A Peek Inside the Box - The First Women's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

A Peek Inside the Box - The First Women's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

The Women's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

Now that we've sent out the first edition of our new subscription—it's quarterly featuring handcrafted and handpicked items for men, women, or families—we're going to give you a peek at what we sent. First, we'll open up the women's deluxe subscription box. 

These items were handpicked by Stacy Mosley, Batch's retail director. "I chose the items because their warmth and whimsy will help you get through the cold winter days," explained Stacy.

Speaking of warmth, the No. 12 Candle from Candlefish out of Charleston provide a light fruit scent and soothing glow. We included the Candlefish matchbox so you'll have matches for the duration of the candle's 20 hours of burn time.

Little Seed Farm's Orange Blossom Hand Soap is organic and refreshing. James and Eileen started Little Seed Farms after they moved from New York City to a farm in rural Tennessee where their mission is to provide raw milk farmstead cheeses, organic skincare products, and humanely and sustainably raised meats.

Luxurious and strong, the Hand Spa Towel from Turkish-T can withstand many uses and washes without losing its shape. Sue Joyce launched Turkish-T in 2009 from the carriage house of her Nashville farm and now the towels adored the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman, and many others.

SRSLY chocolate is a small bean to bar chocolate maker based in Austin, Texas. We chose their Sea Salt and Almond Chocolate Bar but it was not a easy decision considering the other options including a 70% Cacao or even a Oaxacan Espresso Bar. 

Speaking of caffeine, Sunnyside Farms located outside of Nashville makes this organic Chamomile Tea with dried, crushed herbs. We also chose their Lavender Linen Spray to bring a little scent of spring into your house before the blossoms return.

For the whimsical portion of the box, we picked some notecards and stationery from Lisa Sarmento's zesty Tiramisu Paperie. The Audrey Hepburn Quote Notecards will brighten someone's day and the Skinny Notepad will help you organize yours. 

 Women's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

Now that you know what we sent in the first Women's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box, don't miss out on getting or giving the next box that ships in May.