Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Those Who Love Southern Sweets

Batch Nashville Valentine's Day Gift Guide


Gifts for the Sweetie with a Sweet Tooth

My Sweet Valentine Gift BatchShotwell Candy Company Original Salted CaramelsBrittle Brothers Cashew BrittleMomma Nik's Whiskey Caramel Sauce


My Sweet Valentine Gift Batch - $39 - we've done the hard work of finding small batch sweets featuring chocolate, caramel, and cashew brittle from around the south and bundled them up in this tasty gift batch
Shotwell Candy Company Original Salted Caramels - $10 - made in Memphis with care, Jared Smith's Shotwell caramels are sweet, chewy, have the perfect occasional crunch of salt
Brittle Brothers Cashew Brittle - $10 - the Cadillac of brittle, Brittle Brothers Cashew Brittle mixes salty and sweet
Momma Nik's Whiskey Caramel Sauce - $12 - this topping will take the spotlight from any item fortunate enough to be covered by it