7 Gifts for the Coffee Lover Who Already Has Coffee

7 Gifts for the Coffee Lover Who Already Has Coffee

There's a coffee machine in the breakroom... here's how to gift smarter, not harder. 

The coffee lover in your family, workplace, life already has it (or if they don't, we can help with that too). Local coffee shops are beloved (and everywhere) here in Nashville. There's a coffee machine in the breakroom. Starbucks has 32,938 locations.

But National Coffee Day is September 29th, and your coworker's cup of joe needs a companion. Here's some gifts made by local small businesses that will take their caffeine game to the next level.

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1. Frothy Monkey Coffee Syrup

Frothy Monkey Flavored Syrup

Vanilla or Hazelnut, stir in this local coffee syrup to pump some pizzazz into their "go-go juice". 

2. Batch NEW 2021 Coffee Mugs

Cheers Y'all This is Whiskey Mug

It's 5 in the morning somewhere. Take the edge off those early mornings with this unique gift idea for the person drinking "coffee", coffee, or whatever spirit gets them out of bed in the morning.

Bless Your Heart Now Leave Me Alone Mug

Let them know that even though you may have a heart of gold, you are not to be messed with...especially if you haven't had your morning cup of (locally roasted) coffee. 

3. Soberdough Brew Bread Mix - Apple Fritter

Soberdough Bread Mix with Two Apples

It's like coffee and donuts, but way craftier. Just pour your favorite beer, stir it in the mixture, and bake it for a fresh loaf of apple fritter bread that will make them run FROM, not on, Dunkin. 

4. Daily Crunch Snacks - Coffee-Soaked Sprouted Almonds

Batch Daily Crunch Morning Glory Coffee

These nuts are soaked in coffee and have just the right amount of "snap" when you bite into them. Plus, they leave the light aroma of coffee on the back of your tongue.

5. The Shortbread Shop Brown Sugar Shortbread

Shortbread Shop Kraft Can Brown Sugar

The Shortbread Shop's thick, buttery, shortbread has enough baked sweetness to balance a smooth dark roast. Plus, who doesn't love eating shortbread out of a can? 

6. Trubee Honey Sticks

Trubee Honey Sticks

Local honey has never been so easy. These honey sticks are just the right amount to give a delicate, wildflower sweetness to their morning cup, and by extension, their entire work day. 

7. Blue Monarch Granola

Batch Blue Monarch Granola

Don't let them tell you that coffee is a substitute for breakfast-- it's not. Pure Honey and Oats Blue Monarch Granola however, will give them enough energy to sustain themselves, long after the caffeine buzz has worn off. 

Does all this talk about coworkers and coffee have you thinking about corporate gifting? Get in touch with us today about how we can make sure your perfect corporate holiday gift arrives without hassles, ordeals, or fiascos this season. Or, check out our Best Small Batch Coffee Gifts Collection for more inspiration.