4 Wild Things You Didn't Know About the Mint Julep

4 Wild Things You Didn't Know About the Mint Julep

As part of our Spring 2019 rollout of White’s Elixirs brand new, Classically Classy, Mint Julep Mix, we wanted to educate you on four notable nuggets you probably don't know about the Mint Julep.

White's Elixirs - Mint Julep Mix - Made in Nashville, TN

1 - At the Kentucky Derby...Ummm...Yeah, Leave the Tab Open

If you’re attending the Kentucky Derby, one thing you can safely bet on (other than seeing thousands of giant frilly hats) is seeing patrons downing buckets of mint juleps. In fact, each year, almost 120,000 Mint Juleps are served over the two-day period of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby weekend at Churchill Downs Racetrack. That’s a feat that requires more 2,250 pounds of freshly harvested mint, 60,000 pounds of ice, and more than 7,800 liters of bourbon!

2 - Calvin Coolidge - How Dare You

President Calvin Coolidge, noted nondrinker and fanboy of Prohibition, permitted chickens to eat up the glorious bed of fresh mint that had flourished at the White House during julep lover Teddy Roosevelt’s tenure.

Because, you know, he was President Party Pooper.

3 - HULK SMASH! (And Then Enjoy a Nice Julep)

The mint julep is sometimes associated with a family of drinks known as “smashes” (such as the brandy smash and the mojito), wherein fresh mint and ingredients are muddled or crushed in order to flavor the finished drink.

4 - We’re Going to Need a Bigger Straw

In May 2008, Churchill Downs debuted the world’s largest mint julep glass. Churchill Downs, in conjunction with Brown-Forman, commissioned the Weber Group to construct the 6-foot tall glass (7.5-foot with the mint sprig counted).

The glass was made from FDA food-grade acrylic, heated and molded into the shape of a Derby glass. It had a capacity of 206 US gallons, and was distributed with an elaborate pumping system concealed within the “stir straw.”

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(That’s White’s Elixirs Mint Julep Mix...just, you know...in case that wasn't obvious.)

White's Elixirs Mint Julep Mix - Made in Nashville TN

This article was written by Brad White, owner of White’s Elixirs and notable carnival barker.