3 Tips For Gift Giving

3 Tips For Gift Giving

A gift should be an occasion for joy and happiness but sometimes finding the right gift is frustrating and maddening. Here are three tips for gift giving that will make it easier and more fun to give gifts.

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Get Personal

Close the Amazon tab and walk away from the kiosk of gift cards. When we say gift what we're really saying is an expression of connection. While Amazon might sell more than half of the stuff sold online, it's just stuff. We don't mean to say you can't find a meaningful gift online (you are at our website which has a curated selection of gifts) but we propose you give something that only you know they want and with a sense of place (and we're not talking about Made in China).

Stop, Look, Listen

If you are mindful and observant then your friends and loved ones will tell you or show you exactly what they want. For example, if you have a friend who is always talking about their new favorite cocktail or homebrew, then try a cocktail mixer or a pint glass. Make a note anytime you hear them say what they've been up to or describe something they would love to have but won't by for themselves.

Just Do It

The most important tip is to act on your gratitude and generosity. We've heard that it's the thought that counts but we beg to differ. If you give a meaningful gift whether it's a handwritten thank you note or a box full of goodies, the act of giving will bring joy to you and the recipient.