3 Purveyors Who Are Putting Sustainability First

3 Purveyors Who Are Putting Sustainability First

A little local love for the locals who love sustainability

When it comes to running a small businesses, we know Kermit was right: it ain't easy being green. But for these small businesses, they're making it look easy. We're proud to highlight our friends and neighbors who are making quality products with sustainability at the front of their minds. They inspire us to think creatively about how we can all reduce our impact on the environment. And we think Mr. The Frog would be impressed. 

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Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm Family with Babies and Goats

Little Seed Farm considers sustainability the "heart and soul of what [they] do".  And while for many companies that kind of talk is cheap, at Little Seed, these folks actually walk the walk when it comes to sustainability.  

So how do they do it?

  • Goats. Their 84-acre goat farm is one of the only 100% grassfed commercial herds in the country. 
  • Their sorghum packing peanuts are made locally, and are 100% biodegradable.
  • The business and farm's electricity is 100% solar-powered.  
  • "Zero-Waste Shipping" lets you select an option at checkout to have your order sent without packing slips, boxes, or even labels-- just packing peanuts and the products you love. 


Trubee Honey

Tall Jar of Trubee Honey

Let's hear it for the bees--and for Trubee Honey. Despite an economic incentive to switch to plastic bottles (which exists whether you have your own business, or are just buying water at a gas station), Trubee has made a commitment to only ever use glass jars. Glass jars are reusable, recyclable, and don't leave behind toxins that could potentially get in your food. Plus, the production of glass uses less fuel in transportation than plastic. Seems like a pretty sweet deal.  

Daily Crunch Snacks

Daily Crunch Almonds Bag Over Scenic Mountain Landscape[photo credit: Daily Crunch Snacks

A throwback to Earth Day 2k21. We were super inspired to learn about Daily Crunch's sustainability initiatives when we interviewed Co-Founder and Nashville local, Laurel Orley back in April. Laurel taught us about how a young snack company could stand out from the pack, simply by making a commitment to environmental awareness and offering wholesome products. 

Here's how:

  • They use packaging made out of post-consumer recycled materials
  • They source all of their almonds from bee-certified farmers
  • Their nuts are grown without the use of pesticides or GMOs  

For Daily Crunch, sustainability efforts are... well... daily. 

Daily Crunch Almonds Bag Bottom Post Consumer Recycled Material

If you'd like to read about how Batch is working to follow in these companies' footsteps, check out "Sustainable is Attainable at Batch". Each company that makes a commitment to value sustainability inspires the next to do the same. Maybe then, all these footprints may not leave such a big one.