Batch Store Dispatch: Discovering New Favorites

One of our missions at Batch is facilitating discovery -- we love helping our customers connect with the best locally made products and discover new favorites. Working at the Batch store, we get to see these discoveries take place in real time, and it's our favorite part of the job.

There are a few products in particular that, once customers discover them at the store, they tend to come back to stock up, sometimes just a few hours after making their original purchase. And trust us: we get it. We're huge fans of these products too. Here are three of the most popular “discoveries” we have in stock right now:

Trubee lip balm. All the Trubee honey products have a loyal following, but none of them inspire the kind of fervor that the lip balm does. There’s good reason: this lip balm is all-natural, deeply moisturizing, and has a subtle mint scent that’s totally intoxicating. We always warn people who buy a tube that they’ll probably be back the next day to buy a few more to keep in their glove boxes, desk drawers, alternate purses, cargo pockets, etc. They laugh, thinking we’re just kidding, but sure enough, they’re usually back within a few days, plopping 3 or 4 more tubes down in front of the register and saying, “You were right, this really is the best lip balm ever and I never want to be farther than 3 feet away from a tube of it.”

Delta Cheese Straws. The ingredients on these cheese straws include “extra sharp cheddar” and “love,” so you know they’re going to be good. What you can’t anticipate until you try them is just how good they are. It can be tough to make it home without finishing off the entire bag, which is why we always advise buying a few. 

Prohibition Popcorn. There are two kinds of people who come into the store to buy Prohibition Popcorn: people who are already addicted to it, and people who are about to get addicted to it. Once you try it, you’ll understand. This whiskey-infused caramel corn has a perfect balance of salt and sweetness, a satisfying crunch, and a melt-in-your-mouth finish. It’s perfect for gifts, party snacks, or just munching on while watching a movie at home. Customers who buy one bag almost always come back to stock up or share the caramel-y goodness with friends.

Stop by the Batch store in the farmers' market next time you're in downtown Nashville and we guarantee you'll discover a new favorite. Just take our word for it: you might want to stock up.