What's in a Batch? March 2015 Edition

For those curious (and not lucky enough to be on the receiving end) about what we shipped out this month far and wide to our subscription customers, belly up to the brunch bar so we can show you all the goodness to be had. 

First off, the goods from each city (Nashville, Memphis, Charleston, or Austin) arrive in a handy box:

And this month, when you opened things up, we felt the need to remind you about our impending Tour of Texas:

And then bam! Look at this tasty brunch from Nashville!

That's some high quality goods from the likes of:

And from Charleston? Ain't no brunch like a Lowcountry brunch:

Who doesn't want to invite the entire family over to indulge in goodies from:

Who's ready to see how they do brunch in Austin?

What a lineup, including treats from:

And as for Memphis? Watch out!

That's some high quality brunch-ness from:

And for the ultimate brunch fan, just soak in all four boxes of brunch-tastic bliss:

Oh - in case you missed it, why not grab the city of your choice today? (Or even better, snag all four!)