It's Just Brunch (Part Three)

Okay, people - you brunched out yet? Us neither. This king of all meals deserves a worthy court of opinion. So, having weighed in from Austin and Charleston, now it's time for an onslaught of Nashville:

Stephen Moseley, COO

Noshville - This is an old standby. I love it because of the corned beef hash breakfast bowl (and because I once ate with ((next to)) a still-Country Taylor Swift there).

Crumb de la Crumb - This spot is tops because of the gluten-free bakery options, the kitschy Bellevue Antique Mall location and their Vanilla Bean Lemonade.

Rob Williams, CBO

Marche - The key is to accept that unless you want to wait an hour to be seated for brunch (universally accepted time for brunch is 9:45-11:45), it's best to get up early and be in the first seating on Saturday (8am) or Sunday (9am) at this East Nashville eatery. The menu changes with what’s in season but you can always find an savory crepe or even a steak and eggs to soak up last night’s late night. As you watch the room fill up with brunch purists, it’s good to remember that they serve breakfast every weekday morning, too.

SiloBrunch at Silo means sauces, gravies and breads in its wonderful glutenous varieties—biscuits, rolls, and muffins to name a few. This succulent brunch menu will prime your Sunday for strolling, lounging, and reclining. The hot chicken sliders are as close to hot as any non-cinder block or strip mall hot chicken comes. This is rich, southern cuisine for those who usually use their utensils and have their napkins at the ready.

Stacy Mosley, Store Manager

  • Skyblue - for a neighborhood-y, casual vibe
  • Pinewood Social - get their chicken biscuits and Crema coffee
  • The Southern - what's better than live music, carafes of mimosas and oysters?

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