The Generosity Economy

Did the Christmas spirit seem long gone once that idiot driver cut you off in traffic this morning? Now that the pleas from charities at year-end have subsided, is it easy to forget all the ways we might be able to give to others so easily? Once deals and deadlines stare you in the face this week, are you back to the grindstone where the notion of giving to others is quickly forgotten?

You're not alone. Welcome to cold, cruel, January. Full of promise and hope, but also a stark reminder that we have a long way to go until everyone naturally thinks of giving and kindness and generosity so easily. 


Maybe not. Let me tell you a few quick stories of what I get to see happening in my role each day as CEO of Batch. 

When Rob, Stephen, and I launched this crazy idea a year and a half ago, we assumed folks would be buying for themselves. We aimed to launch a subscription box company that sent lovely items from Nashville to our customers, most of whom we assumed would be curious about what's out there when it comes to tasty and finely-crafted locally-made goods. 

We came close to this. Yes, we launched a subscription box company, but that company soon changed a bit. And now, instead of being a subscription box company that sells gifts, we're a gift company that sells subscription boxes. And this is a fun and soulful place to be. 

We're lucky. Our team (including yours truly, sometimes) gets to handwrite pleasant messages like these:

  • Happy Holidays and lots of love! Hope you enjoy little treats for the next 3 months!
  • Happy Mother's Day! We hope you enjoy your Batch box!
  • Happy belated wedding & thanks for being great hostesses!
  • A token of the gratitude we have for your company.
  • Congratulations on the wedding and the big move to Texas! All our love!
  • Use this to make your birthday even happier!! With love, Mom

Yes, when you buy something from us (a gift or a subscription) and you indicate it's a gift and type a message, we handwrite them. Every one. Because that's what you would do. 

But better yet, we get to see how generous people are, all year round. And this what gets us at Batch through January. And it'll get us through February (as will the delicious chocolate selections we'll have on hand from our four cities). And on and on until the winter holidays make it easy and seemingly natural to making giving a habit.

So rest assured that no matter how terrible your commute, how boring your workday, or how stressful your life may feel right now, generosity is probably just around the corner. Maybe it'll show up randomly in a box on your doorstep this year when it's your birthday or anniversary or for no good reason at all. Maybe just because you're you, someone will send a gift or a card to tell you that. We know people like that exist in this world.

Those people are you.


Sam Davidson is the co-founder and CEO of Batch and writes here each Monday about the company. He likes to give people lip balm that Batch finds in each of its cities.