Waking Up in Charleston

We've officially gotten up and running in Charleston, folks! And to kick things off with our first monthly shipment from there this month, we decided to get up and get going with our Rise and Shine Charleston batch.

Check out what we sent to our happy customers:

Biscuit mix from Callie’s Charleston Biscuits
Carrie Morey has taken her mother Callie’s recipes and made them available to all of us with this delicious and unforgettable biscuit mix. With a family story at its heart, Callie’s Charleston Biscuits now offers a full array of products that are always handcrafted and never made by a machine. After you’ve enjoyed this portion, be sure to visit their website to stock up on more where you can choose from seven different varieties.

Whole bean coffee from Caviar and Bananas
Caviar & Bananas Gourmet Market & Café was born in 2008 on George Street in Charleston, South Carolina. The name Caviar & Bananas was inspired by the concept of creating a place where the extraordinary and the ordinary could live in harmony, a place where the ingredients were quality and the products made by hand. C&B believes that gourmet should be for every day.

Bloody Mary mix from Fat and Juicy
The Fat & Juicy brand was born on a band roadtrip from Atlanta back to Charleston the "morning after the night before.” It was bandmates Joe Good and John Glenn's desire to have a bloody mary with a homemade taste that drove them to create what would soon become the country's fastest growing bloody mary mix. Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix was created with "fat and juicy" tomatoes, fresh horseradish, celery, garlic, and their signature hint of sultry smoky heat.

Apple butter from Food for the Southern Soul
For Jimmy Hagood, Food for the Southern Soul isn’t just the name of his specialty food and catering business; it’s his way of life. Following his passion, Hagood has made an indelible mark on the Lowcountry food scene. As a barbecue impresario and an advocate of coastal South Carolina’s unique culinary culture, he has brought national visibility to the art of barbecue cooking, and further elevated high-quality Southern pantry items.

Miss out on this delicious assortment? No worries. We got it right here, ready to send out when you are.