How Batch Spends 36 Hours in Nashville

With the The New York Times weighing in on how they'd spend 36 hours in our hometown, we thought we'd share our recommendations because we like a little bit of discovery to our weekends in Music City. So hop aboard the Batch bus for a roarin' good time.

Friday at 4 PM

That's when we try to leave the office, too. And when we do, we like to head over to Corsair Artisan Distillery to their tasting room to see what the bartender has concocted for that day. Based on who's behind the bar, you'll be sampling some unique blends and cocktails, all made with Corsair's line up of quality libations. Once you're done there, stumble down the street to find other distillers opening up in Marathon Village.

Friday at 7PM

Find a Lyft driver (seriously, those pink mustaches are everywhere). and ask them to take you over to Germantown for more drinks, dining and discovery. With stalwarts like Mad Platter, City House, Rolf and Daughters, Silo, and Germantown Cafe, you're bound to find something tasty. And, check back after the First Tennessee Ballpark opens next year for triple the dinner options. 

Saturday at 8 AM

Wake up and run off your hangover and food coma. Head west out to Percy Warner and get your run, walk, or hike on via the Mossy Ridge Trail. With plenty of nature and lots of friendly faces, you won't have to leave the city limits to find the country. 

Saturday at 10 AM

Once you get cleaned up, we suggest coffee and brunch downtown. Yes, downtown in the morning on the weekend. The Frothy Monkey on 5th Avenue has mighty fine brunch offerings and lets you gaze out at passersby. Try breakfast at 417 Union or even head to SoBro for Crema or The Southern. You hiked far this morning. You earned it and the day is young with a lot of places to go.

Saturday at 1 PM

Since you're downtown, get on up to the Farmer's Market and sample some local produce or visit with (and buy wonderful things from) some Batch-approved purveyors who set up shop on the weekends. Get a snack or six. Trust us, this is the place to be (ahem).

Saturday at 3 PM

Pay Bryce McCloud and Elizabeth Williams, and their trusty dog Hiram, a visit at Isle of Printing. Root around in the prints and paraphernalia. Ask Bryce about his latest whiz-bang project combining old letterpress and cutting-edge in laser technology Grab a Nashville Sight Seer to explore hidden-in-plain-sight parts of our city.

Saturday at 4 PM

Take a nap. My God, look at all you're doing! A typical weekend for us at Batch but you may need to pace yourself.

Saturday at 5 PM

Drink local beer. Anywhere it's served up on tap or made. Our favorite spots include Yazoo, Black Abbey, and Tennessee Brew Works. Go to all three if you want because as best we can tell, when you follow one of these "36 hours in" pieces, you gain the ability to time travel.

Saturday at 7 PM

Time to eat again. And maybe be seen if you're in to that. So soak in the M Street family of restaurants down in the Gulch. And then walk around and gawk at the chain places imported from other cities that can afford the growing lease payments. Hot foot it to Patterson House for what may be the best cocktails on the planet.  

Saturday at 11 PM

How are you still awake? Oh yeah, you took our advice about that nap. Good. Because now it's time to play "Who's a Tourist" down on Broadway. Soak in the music and fun to be had at The Stage or Robert's but please be aware that anyone in a cowboy hats is from out of town. That's fine - we love them all - but citizens aren't allowed to own 10-gallon Stetons per city ordinance 41.c-4 (May 1974). It's up to you if you leave with a souvenir hat or pair of boots. After all, we can't be mentioned in the press without some reference to "country."

Sunday at 9 AM

Do you wish you were dead? Sick of Nashville? Don't be! You haven't even seen some of the cool parts like 12 South, East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, NoBro, WeBro, BroBro, or what's at the bottom of the Cumberland. No matter. If you're looking for brunch on your way out of town, go to Marche for the fancy stuff, Pancake Pantry if you like pancakes, long lines, or both, or Sky Blue for something a bit different and undiscovered. 

Sunday at Noon

Your flight is leaving. So enjoy the crooners and pickers at Tootsie's in the airport on your way out. And be sure to save some energy for that long walk to the far reaches of C terminal. Ah - who are we kidding? You're flying United and you're going to be delayed. So, seriously - hunker down at Tootsie's East.