Lazy Days are Here Again

Happy August! Our Batch Nashville customers just received a heaping helping of local goodness for our recent "Lazy Days" shipment. Keep reading to find out what was in this batch and if you like what you see, you can always grab the gift batch for you or a loved one here.

Nashville Chocolate and Nut Company
You never know when inspiration will strike, and after 10 years in the music business, Tracy Page, singer/ songwriter, found a way to blend her love of music with gourmet foods. With so many delicious product options, we bet you're sure to find something you love.

Nashville Sight Seer
The Nashville Sight Seer is another in the line of great ideas from Isle of Printing. IOP and the Sight Seer are committed to making Nashville (and the world) a better place through public art and projects which encourage exploration and creative thinking. Join us today - it's fun!

Ousley Ouch
Two decades ago, Ric and his sister Mona Ousley craved a salsa that they simply could not find anywhere. So in true American fashion, they decided to make their own. Ousley Ouch Salsa has a thick and chunky texture which comes from the onions and jalapeno peppers (grown locally) which are diced by hand.

What began as simple beekeeping is growing into a line of delicious and useful products for your kitchen and home. With nine years under their bee veils, the husband and wife team at TruBee makes sure that each jar, lip balm, or wax rub captures the taste of nature in a particular place and time.

Walker Feed Co.
Harvesting the regional flavors of the South, Walker’s Southern Bloody Mary and Honeysuckle Sour mixes take a savory approach to any libation. Helmed by Kristin Walker, this company is offering a unique, southern take on mixers you'll want to keep on hand all year round.