Scenes from a Market

Summer is in full swing and along with some sweltering days where your shirt sticks to your ribs by the time you crank your car, you'll also find farmer's markets up and running, teeming with produce, flowers, baked goods, and an assortment of local products. 

Markets were how we at Batch found our first purveyors nearly a year ago. Armed with simple info cards and a knack for friendly conversation, our team hopped around Nashville meeting passionate people making delicious goodies and crafts by the (literal) carload.

Last weekend, we scoured the same in Charleston in preparation for our launch there. We'd heard a lot about this hotbed of local flavor and skill and we weren't disappointed. 

From Madison, Wisconsin to Madison, Tennessee markets are growing and well-trafficked. It's a pleasure to see so many hardworking entrepreneurs, happy to share their wares and stories with a customer base excited to try something new, something borrowed (like a family recipe) and something blue (like blueberries).

What markets do you frequent? What's the best one you've seen in your neck of the woods?