The Great Resurgence

Here's a rare interview with Jony Ive, the man behind the way a lot of Apple's products look and function. If you're a fan of Apple or just really like your iPhone, it's worth your time to learn more about how those products come to be and why the detail that goes into them shapes the way they work, sell, and become things we can't live without.

We see similar passion with the purveyors we find, whether they're in Nashville, Memphis, or soon, a third city (we'll tell you later this week). Folks all over this country are honing their craft, perfecting their passion, and chasing down their dreams. 

We're asked a lot why there seems to be a renewed focus on entrepreneurship or the making of things. Without waxing too eloquently or wading into deep theoretical waters, we actually think Ive nails it in his interview when he remarks: "There is a resurgence in the idea of craft."

Indeed there is. 

We've seen it in how Bruce and Cathy make caramels at Walker Creek. How Robbie chooses beans for Cup Fine. Or the way in which Luke Duncan perfect recipes for his Eli Mason mixers. And we think we're experiencing not just a resurgence, but a new normal. 

This normal is a world in which people make things with a deep passion for people with a deep passion to enjoy them. It's this connection point - passionate makers to passionate users - that Batch helps facilitate in but a small way. 

Enjoy the resurgence. We are. Makers are. And welcome in a new way - the way - of doing business, choosing your food, and living life.