Rob's Mom

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, each Batch team member will be writing about his or her mom. Finally: Rob Williams, co-founder and CBO. Enjoy.

Moms are people, too.

In this year that my mother retired from her job of 20 years, it has become more and more obvious that while she did a great job raising me, she also made herself into an amazing person. When I was young I knew (and possibly took for granted) that she would always be there for me because, well, she was. While I was busy testing boundaries from 12 to 21 (much like my 3-year-old is now), she earned a master’s degree and worked hard at agencies that have a positive impact on society while keeping me headed in the right direction as I wandered around. While I was churning through my twenties she encouraged all my efforts and gave advice that, while not always solicited, was helpful and often heeded.

Growing up, I didn’t make life easy for her because I was mainly all about me. When she got the call one night when I was in high school that a friend and I were in the back of two separate police cars after vandalizing a rival school’s football field, both of my parents showed up and took their time deciding to take me back home. The short distance home was a long ride down Disappointment Road. The calm reaction to my petty nonsense was much harder to handle for me than a freak out. I realize she knew what she was doing as I try to be steady while my daughter dismantles my house during a tantrum. 

During her retirement party, friends and coworkers repeatedly wished her well while wishing she would reconsider leaving. It is clear that she makes those around her better (which I hope rubs off on my aforementioned daughter). Fortunately she can’t retire from being my mom (and if she tried I wouldn’t accept it) and now that she has three grandkids she’s even more in demand than ever. 

Thanks Mom for showing me how to be a great parent and an amazing person.