Sam's Mom

In honor of Mother's Day coming up, each Batch team member will be writing about his or her mom. Next up: Sam Davidson, co-founder and CEO. Enjoy.

There is power in support. 

I don't believe in the tale of the successful person who tells me he got there on his own, climbing a ladder or laying a foundation by his wits and hard work alone. Behind every successful person is an army of supporters and encouragers, and my army is helmed by my mom

It's tough to say the very first thing she supported me in, mainly because my memory isn't that strong. Perhaps it was the time she sewed my donkey costume for the Christmas pageant, or used her eyeliner to make a mustache on me to be a garbage man for Halloween. Or when I needed driving to baseball practice or wanted a fish tank of my very own. Regardless of when it began, I know it hasn't stopped.

Eight years ago, when I started my first company, my mom was our first customer. Last fall, when Batch launched, she was first in line again (and has gotten in line again and again). Her role as Customer 1 will live as long as these companies do. Her role as Mom will live even longer. 

I hope to have some chances to support my Mom over the years, too. My mom now tackles many half-marathons a year, which began years ago when she finished her first marathon. I offered support for her race that day. But after seeing her chase down a big dream, she only inspired me to do the same. And she has - of course - in turn supported me as I've run, walked, climbed, flown, or driven to whatever thing I want to try next.

Now, with a daughter of my own, I'm learning what support requires. It sometimes doesn't come at the most convenient of times or in the easiest of ways. But by offering support, I'm getting a deeper understanding of what love means. 

So thanks, Mom. Not just for supporting me. But for loving me.

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