Helping You Live Better

Since we began, we've tried hard to bring you the best products in the most convenient way possible (by bringing directly them to you). And now, we're very proud to announce that our offering is only getting bigger and better.

After months of back and forth and ideas and feedback, we're proud to announce a brand new, national partnership with Wal-Mart. We're excited as this makes Batch an immediate national brand, available as far and wide as our new retail partner.

Quite frankly, we'd be fools to not align our brand with Wal-Mart, which started with one store in a small Arkansas town over 50 years ago and now boasts over 11,000 stores. Their endless aisles are stocked with items that are perfect for future batches, beginning with next month's "Look What We Put in a Can" theme.

We hope to bring the experience of shopping at Wal-Mart to our subscribers (that's you!) through special gift batches featuring random assortments of items ranging from feather dusters to corn tortillas to car batteries to deodorant. And while we don't want to jump the gun, we are in talks with Sam's Club to send pallets of random goods to subscribers but we're still finalizing logistics of driving forklifts through residential streets.