How to Wake Up in Memphis

Just a few short weeks ago, we gathered up some great, local Memphis purveyors and included them in our first Batch Memphis shipment. And now, you can get in on what you missed out on (or order more if you're already in) with our Good Morning, Memphis Gift Batch.

Each Batch includes:

A Batch-designed "Good Morning" towel
This hand towel bears an in-house design to remind you of how good mornings can be. If you like what you see, grab a set of three.

Heart of Eden soap
Certified Soapmaker Teresa Gregory and her family run a small farm and make products in a way that is good for you and for the environment. Their line of soaps and skin care items are free of soy and GMO ingredients so you can feel good in more ways than one.

Nourishe pancake and waffle mix
Two couples—Nicole & Cameron and Della & Richard—combined their passions for food and fitness and the result was Nourishe. Not only have they come up with a line of food that is gluten, grain and dairy free, but they did it in a way that tastes great and is effortless to make.

Reverb Coffee beans
Jeremy Harris, founder and roaster at Reverb Coffee wants to do more than offer great tasting beans. He wants to create a better future for Memphis. Infusing his product with a positive attitude and a big vision, Jeremy and Reverb are creating great coffee for a greater good.

Yippie Hippie granola
What began as a hobby - making granola at home in search of a healthy snack - has now turned into a thriving business for Malcolm and Jennifer Ervin. Using a blend of raw and cooked nuts and seeds, this granola is full of flavor without unnecessary sugars added.

How delicious does all that sound?! Get your limited edition Good Morning, Memphis Gift Batch here.