How's That New Adventure Going?

We're not really resolution people, so when January began, we figured going on an adventure is a lot better than making a resolution. And so, last month, we rounded up five great local products that can help anyone chase down a great big adventure.

In case you missed out, here's what we included. And, if you want this handy kit to help you chase down your big adventure (it's okay to start an adventure in February), you can get one here.

New Adventures Gift Batch

"Discover" Journal from Batch

For the launch of our third in-house product, we created a handy 24-page journal that will keep you company during your personal and professional adventures this year. Just the right size with cover art that inspires, this may be your trusty sidekick all year long.

Drink mix from Everly

Kyle McCollom and Chris Cole set out to create the best drink mix on the planet—one full of great ingredients and great purpose. Just mix one packet of Everly with a bottle of water and shake. While you do that, Everly will be supporting rehydration efforts around the globe.

Peanut butter packets from GoodSpread

When Alex Cox and Mark Slagle wanted to make a difference, they set out to travel the country in a 1971 Winnebago. Then, it exploded (seriously) and they started making peanut butter. There’s more to it than that, but this pair cranks out high quality peanut butter mixed with organic honey. And, when they sell a packet, they donate a packet of MANA therapeutic peanut butter to kids in need.

Snackable granola from Nola Granola

Believing that snacking can (and must) move beyond dull flavors and boring ingredients, sisters-in-law Dawn and Liz Craig have set the standard for "artisan snackery.” Made deliberately with an eye toward the full culinary experience, Nola may become the only granola you ever want to eat.

Travel-size stain remover from Roux Maison

Getting things clean doesn’t have to happen at the expense of the environment or your conscience. Deena Drummond is proof of this as her line of natural and effective detergents and cleaners gets the job done without being harmful to your skin, your clothes, or your planet.

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