12 Treats For Mom this Mother's Day

12 Treats For Mom this Mother's Day

Moms wear a lot of different hats: they are our parents, our friends, our cheerleaders, our mentors, our therapists, and our first line of defense during a ridiculous year like 2020. If anyone deserves some gratitude, it's the moms.  

So whether your mom is looking for some time for herself, some time to share with family, or just some time to indulge in sweets, Batch has you covered this Mother's Day. Here are twelve small business gifts to show Mom just how much she means to you, and luckily for her, none of them are another hat to wear. 

Treat Mom to a Spa Day

1. Gold + Ivy Dusk Candle

Gold + Ivy Candle

No spa day is complete without a candle to set the mood. The aromatic Dusk Candle from Gold + Ivy is completely free of candle carcinogens, and made by hand here in Nashville, Tennessee. With notes of cedar, saffron, and vetiver, it will purify the air for an afternoon of relaxation and pampering. 

2. Thistle Farms Bath Salts - Eucalyptus Mint

Eucalyptus Mint is the gold standard of relaxation. That being said, every bath product at Thistle Farms feels like the gold standard of relaxation. You can't go wrong. Batch sells Eucalyptus Mint, Citrus Wood, and Lavender Serenity Soak. Each is guaranteed to soak Mom into a state of bliss. 

3. Cait + Co. Luxe Shower Steamer - Lavender

Help her transform her shower into a one-of-a-kind aromatherapy experience that will leave her feeling refreshed and reset. Cait + Co handcrafts each shower steamer with 100% pure essential oils, so you know that Mom is giving a boost to her body, mind, and spirit.  

4. Nash and Jones Agave Washcloth 

Agave Wash Cloth

Last but not least, leave mom with an all-natural way to pamper and please. The Nash + Jones Agave Washcloth is made from the agave cactus plant and gently exfoliates the skin. One side of the wet cloth is perfect for body exfoliation while the other side is softer for sensitive areas such as the face. It's just like my mom: always knows when to be tough, and when to be soft.  


Treat Mom to Something Sweet

1. Ash Creek Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

Ash Creek Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts

Long before there was Nutella, there was its gritty, raw, predecessor, the hazelnut. Ash Creek took these relics and slathered them in rich dark chocolate. These mouthwatering bites are sustainably sourced and seriously succulent. 

2. Chapel Hill Toffee

Chapel Hill Toffee

Chapel Hill Toffee was a local legend in the warehouse, and then completely lived up to the hype. Created and operated by a mother-son duo (read about Chapel Hill in 10 Women Powering Women-Owned Businesses), this toffee is full of flavor and has the perfect texture--it's got just the right amount of crunch. 

3. Little Apple Treats Caramels

Apple Treats Caramels

Hopefully my mom hasn't stumbled across this post in her feed, because I promise you these caramels will be in her Mother's Day Batch. These candies taste exactly like a melt-in-your-mouth cup of apple cider, and if your mother is anything like mine, you know that anything apple-flavored is an automatic slam dunk.  

 4. The Shortbread Shop Kraft Can

Rose Tea Shortbread

If only there was a place that elegance and butter could meet in harmony. Oh wait, there is. Every flavor of Shortbread Shop shortbread delivers rich, buttery, goodness with just a little extra finesse. Available in Rose Tea, Lemon Drop, or Brown Sugar, your Mom will love this can of Southern hospitality.


Treat Mom to a Breakfast In Bed

1. Nashville Blanket Project Blanket 

Nashville Blanket Project Blanket

Made of reclaimed fibers of Acrylic, Polyester, and Cotton, these blankets are designed to be cool for afternoon naps, and warm for winter nights. It's the perfect thing for moms sleeping in. Plus, for every one of these blankets sold, The Nashville Blanket Project donates one to someone in need. She'll be thinking of you every time she's at her coziest.   

2. Waking Up in Nashville Gift Batch

Waking Up in Nashville

This classic Batch has everything you need to deliver breakfast right to her bedside: Loveless Belgian Waffle and Pancake Mix, Southern City Flavors Jam, Trubee Honey, and Rise and Shine Blend Coffee. With free standard shipping and a hand-written gift note, this gift will have Mom waking up feeling special and Southern loved.  

 3. Mothership Coffee Roasters Coffee

Mothership Coffee

We couldn't resist the name association alone. Mothership Coffee is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Their Mexico Union Majomat blend is a classic, medium-bodied coffee with a pronounced milk chocolate palette. It's a perfect gift for your mothership.  

4. Rise and Shine Camp Mug

Rise and Shine Camp Mug

This camp mug is the perfect vehicle for caffeine this Mother's Day. It's a great gift for moms like mine, who are both rising AND shining every single day, and spread that sunshine to the people they love around them. Great for tea, coffee, and the occasional scoop of ice cream.    

Don't forget to check out Batch's Mother's Day Collection, which features even more great gifts, specially curated for Mother's Day.