Best Patios for a Drink in Nashville

Best Patios for a Drink in Nashville

As the weather heats up, it's time to get down on a patio. It seems to be 5 o'clock everywhere in Nashville these days, so plan on adding any of these spots to your to-do list the next time you're eating or drinking and pining for some sunshine. 

Acme Feed and Seed

Acme Feed and Seed | Downtown Nashville patio for summer drinks

What more could you want than to imbibe and nosh a few stories up over Lower Broad? One of the must-dos on your summer bucket list, grab some pals and some brews and watch any of the hundreds the bachelorette parties cavort on the streets below. (Bonus activity: Free Rooftop Yoga)

The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

Pharmacy Nashville | East Nashville burger restaurant

Get your East Nashville on. What may be one of the larger outdoor spaces in the city, The Pharmacy's burger selection and beer offerings provide something for everyone. Bring the kids and let them run around while the grownups drown their sorrows in any of the myriad local beers on tap.

12 South Taproom and Grill

12 South Taproom | Nashville TN local beer and food

With a bevy of beers on tap (and in bottles) and a steadily-improving menu, 12 South Taproom has a patio where you can post up for a while. Just make sure you arrive before happy hour starts, which is when the street for which the pub is named after becomes a perpetual parking lot. 

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social | Nashville TN local restaurant

If you want to see some hipsters in their natural habitat, go bowling at Pinewood Social. If you want to introduce them to sunshine and water, take your food and drinks outdoors to the pool area. 

The Southern Steak and Oyster

The Southern | Downtown Nashville local restaurant

It's a patio you can take your mom to. Or to get some old school business deals done. Simply brave the crowd of convention tourists and pressed-shirt attorneys who dine there on the regular and you'll be treated to succulent southern cuisine while wondering what the hell is going on this weekend to make the streets so crowded. (Answer: it's the same as every weekend - everything and nothing is happening all at once.)

City Winery

City Winery Nashville | wine on tap in Nashville

Holding down the fort in Pie Town (yes, that's the name of a part of town in Nashville), City Winery has three patios available, all with dining and bar capabilities and a beautiful view of downtown. They're open for dinner every evening of the week and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 10:30AM - 2:00PM. They've got wine on tap that is served straight from the in-house urban winery, and Chef Garrett Pittler is truly a wizard in the kitchen.

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