Five Southern Graduation Gift Ideas

Five Southern Graduation Gift Ideas

It's that time of year - the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your blossoming, chirping graduate is ready to leave the nest. Whether they're heading to college or out into the "real world," they need to be stocked with fine treats and accessories as they begin this new chapter. 

Be sure to send them on their way with any of these five essential Southern items:

Hand poured, Green Bamboo candle from Southern Firefly

Their new place needs to smell great. This candle freshens any room and has a 50-hour burn time. 

Organic, all natural beef jerky from Sweet Meat

High in protein and good for the planet, this snack is the perfect companion as they hit the road.

Batch blend coffee, roasted in Nashville, TN by Bongo Java

Bongo Java coffee | roasted in Nashville, TN

You're not there to wake them up every day anymore. This hearty blend of beans should do the trick.

Unbreakable tumblers from Hester & Cook

Plastic Tumbler from Hester & Cook | made in TN

Mason jars and used commemorative stadium cups are child's play. Help them stock their pantry right with these cups that are virtually indestructible. 

Handmade lavender milk soap by Little Seed Farm

Handmade lavender goat's milk soap by Little Seed Farm | made in TN

If you've raised them right, they'll remember to shower. If you've raised them well, they'll do so with the best soap available. 

Visit the rest of our online collection to customize a batch so that your graduation gift is perfect for this year's graduate.