Batch Nashville Mother's Day Gift Guide - Sweets and Treats Edition

Batch Nashville Mother's Day Gift Guide - Sweets and Treats Edition


Mother's Day Gift Guide - Sweets and TreatsThese curated mother's day gift ideas are delicious treats that, if you're nice (which you are because you got her a great gift), we hope she will share. We've collected goodies from Nashville, Memphis, and Austin to make mom happy...unless she's a dentist or a diabetic.

A) Trubee Honey Sticks. Local honey in a convenient carrying case. Use it to sweeten coffee, tea, life.

B) Walker Creek Sea Salt Caramels. Damn fine candy that is way too tasty so you better get a couple bags if you want some, too.

C) Bang Candy Co. Spring Marshmallows. These aren't your run-of-the-mill store-bought marshmallows you light on fire while camping or dunk in bland cocoa. These are the complex and flavorful handmade kind.

D) Olive and Sinclair Sea Salt Chocolate Bar.  Here's what Olive and Sinclair Chocolate Co. says about this one, "Speckled with flaked sea salt, it begins with a clean salinity, lending itself to the occasional satisfying crunch and burst of flavor, awakening the tongue to a citrusy, deep, dark chocolate finish."

E) Shotwell Tennessee Toffee. From the Memphis confectioner comes this candy concoction with toffee, pecans, and a covering of dark chocolate. Words don't do it justice.

F) Willa's Shortbread Key Lime Almond Cookies. In time for spring comes this bright and nutty shortbread cookie from Willa's magical Madison, TN, kitchen.

G) Barton Table Chocolate Sauce. This dense, rich chocolate sauce is perfect on anything from vanilla bean ice cream to your in-house cafe mocha.

H) Momma Nik's Whiskey Caramel Sauce. Dangerously decadent with a hint of whiskey, Momma Nik's sauce is a dessert force that you must taste to believe.

I) Walker Feed Company Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita Mix. Making a strawberry rhubarb pie is neat but where's the alcohol, right? Walker Feed has bottled the flavor of a strawberry rhubarb pie and helpfully left a little room for some tequila.

Make mom happy and buy her some goodies to make up for years of eating the last cookie or leaving the ice cream container in the freezer even though it was empty. Order by May 2 to make sure these treats will arrive in time. Stop by our store in the Nashville Farmers Market anytime to get some treats for you, we mean, mom.