A Peek Inside the Box - The First Men's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

A Peek Inside the Box - The First Men's Deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box

We're looking inside the first shipment of the men's deluxe Batch Subscription Discovery Box. This well-reviewed box features a cocktail of items for a really happy hour... just add your favorite libations. We've included body wash to get clean after getting down and a note card to send a thanks for the good time. Head over here to get the next one that ships in May.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Tyler Browning has always had the passion for creative work with a twist of Southern pride. The seed for Oak + Ink sprung from a search for stationery that not only reflected Tyler’s personality, but gave him something that could convey more than the words. Jot down a note or a thank you to make someone’s day and make your mother proud that she raised you right, write?

What began as "hedge honey" is now perhaps the finest honey you'll ever put on your lips. With nine years under their bee veils, the husband and wife team of Laura Kimball and Jeff Otto at TruBee makes sure that each jar, lip balm, or wax rub captures the taste of nature.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. is a family-run company based in Charleston, SC and Boulder, CO. Their goal is to take long forgotten staples of the American bar and reinvent them, in an effort to drink like your great-grandparents might once have. Their aromatic bitters and cocktail cherries are handcrafted in small batches.

Inspired by the memory of his great-grandfather, Jerrod and Lisa Smith have created Shotwell to capture the taste of timeless flavors via their caramels. Handmade creative flavors combine with beautiful packaging to recall Grandpa Shot’s general store. 

Otter Creek has made a product that will take the hassle out of getting clean. No longer do you need a separate shampoo and body wash. Sasq(wash) is an all-in-one product that will get you clean from head to toe.

When Angie Hester met Robbie Cook, neither knew their relationship would lead to marriage and a business partnership. Now they make everything from light fixtures to these fancy cocktail straws.

Believing that making a drink shouldn’t be difficult, Luke Duncan created his line of Eli Mason cocktail mixers that make artisanal quality cocktails as easy as opening a bottle, pouring, and repeating. 

Batch Men’s Subscription Discovery Box

We're putting together the next subscription box and you've still got time to order it here.